But Then You Came

He Came But then you came. As I recall the story from Rick Ezell's sermon, one day a young wife and mother snapped and ran away. She answered her husband's frequent phone calls but wouldn't tell him where she was. The woman ignored his repeated pleas to come home....

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Fake News: You Can Make This Stuff Up After All

Fake News.Com Fake news is real news these days. How ironic. Nonfiction writers sometimes defend crazy happenings in their books or articles. They say, "You can't make this stuff up!" But with the news today, apparently you can make this stuff up. And get paid well in...

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I Am Thankful for You

Thankful for You Of all the reasons I have to be thankful, one of them is you. Without you, there would be no blog. "Lighting the Journey Ahead" would not exist. To be clear, I don't make a penny off this blog. The time I invest is strictly a labor of love. I do this...

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What Makes Our Giving Acceptable?

Giving Acceptably Does God bless our giving with favor? Genesis 4:3-5a says: In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil  as an offering to the Lord. But Abel brought fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with...

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What Will You Say When the Election is Final?

Election Response Options When the votes are tallied and the winner of this election is announced tonight or early tomorrow, how will you respond? Like this? Or this?   Or this?       Another Election Response Whether America's next president is Clinton...

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Three Lessons from a Grateful Outcast

A Grateful Outcast The most grateful person that day was easy to spot. Of the 10 lepers Jesus healed, he was the only one who said thank you. Jesus was heading to Jerusalem. At the border of Samaria and Galilee, 10 lepers asked for mercy:  nine Jews and a Samaritan....

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Three Lessons from an Ungrateful Day

An Ungrateful Day Ungrateful people aren't always easy to spot. A couple passing through town wanted help with gas. Like you, I want my aid used for its intended purpose. They followed me to a nearby station where I put a set amount’s worth in their tank. While I...

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When WHY is More Important Than WHAT

Why vs. What "What is your why?" Last year, I was at a conference where the speaker posed this seemingly simply question. He said, "When you are pursuing a big goal,your why is more important than your what. Life is hard. When you're tired and obstacles loom ahead,...

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God’s Agenda

God's Agenda "God's Agenda" is my latest blog post. It was published on September 23 through Christian Devotions Ministries. If you don't already subscribe to their inspiring daily devotions, I invite you to do so. Some of you may have already seen "God's Agenda" on...

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64 Colorful Reasons to Feel Special

A Special Surprise Two church leaders invited me forward for a special surprise. I slowly approached, my eyes wide. I thought it would be a gag gift. Dottie handed me the bag and smiled. I held it at arm's length as if it held a bomb. Staring at the layers of colored...

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Are We Following This Bold Commandment?

A Commandment, Not a Suggestion  When God speaks, it is a commandment, not just good advice. In the pages of Scripture, when God wants us to engage in or refrain from a particular behavior, the Lord gives a direct order. The Almighty does not view our obedience as...

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Encourage Pastors to Wear Their Oxygen Mask

Aviation Oxygen Advice In February 2014 I addressed this topic of encouraging pastors to wear their oxygen mask. On an airplane, passengers are told: “If the cabin pressure changes, put your own oxygen mask on before helping others." Pastors can't handle the demands...

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When Trouble Comes, Where is God?

Unwelcome Trouble Wild fires and flood waters continue to bring trouble around the country. If only God would scoop up the excess rain in Louisiana and dump it on the raging infernos in California.I don't call bad storms “God’s will.” Harmful weather is an act of...

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Are You Choosing the Good Part?

A Different View of Mary and Martha Are you choosing the good part? In Luke 10, the story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha (v.38-42) follows the parable of the Good Samaritan (v.25-37). Side by side, these two stories offer a healthy tension in following Jesus. Like...

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The High Price of Omission

A Costly Omission On the first day of tenth grade geometry, the teacher explained the severe cost of omission. "What if a surgeon left out one step during the operation? What if a builder forgot to install one piece and the structure collapsed? Would they still...

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