“In Your Dreams!”

If we dare to verbalize an important wish, it hurts when someone snorts and says, “In your dreams!”

As the world celebrates another Christmas, once more we turn our thoughts to peace on earth. The announcement of Jesus’ birth included the angels proclaiming peace and good will. Still, this week’s Berlin market attack is the world’s latest attempt to sneer, “Peace on earth? In your dreams!”

However, this week God showed me that our dreams can be exactly how we experience peace on earth.

A Nocturnal Message

A friend of mine says sometimes God speaks to her through dreams. Her mind runs so fast when she’s awake that God has to wait until she’s asleep to get her to listen.

Maybe that’s why God let me dream that I talked to someone who onceĀ hurt me. At the time, they plucked their apology from the tree of “I’m sorry that you were hurt, but Satan will ice skate before I admit any wrongdoing.”

Ever since, I’ve struggled to forgive my sibling in Christ. Just when I think I’ve finally let go and surrendered them completely to God, something triggers a reaction. The still-unresolved-anger comes rushing back.

In my dream, this person was in the yard as I drove by. I stopped and asked to talk. While I spoke calmly, they listened without interruptions or denials. Their response led me to offer a genuine compliment about something I sincerely appreciated about them.

Even if this dream never becomes a historical fact, God still brought peace to my spirit.

“Peace on earth? In your dreams!” Sometimes, it’s the only way God can get through to us.

Merry Christmas!

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