Word for 2017

Have you chosen your “word” for this year? If not, there’s still 50 weeks left to reap the benefits.

Annually I ask God to give me one particular theme to frame my life for that year. As Mel Gibson’s William Wallace says below, my current choice is FREEDOM. I wonder what chains the Lord wants to set me free from this year.

The previous five words:

  • 2016 – Trust
  • 2015 – Restoration
  • 2014 – Journey
  • 2013 – Healing
  • 2012 – Rest

(For readers who don’t know my story, in 2012 I left pastoral ministry to rest and write full-time.)

The #1 Benefit

Of all the benefits I’ve enjoyed from this practice, the greatest is focus. Each word serves as the lens through which I focus to view the whole calendar. It gives each year its own distinctive identity.

Throughout last year, I kept running into situations where the Lord whispered, “Trust me.” Many times I sensed the Holy Spirit ask, “Will you trust me?”

Late last fall, God began bringing freedom to mind as my focusing lens during 2017. I did not choose this word so much as it chose me.

Do you engage in this practice?

If not, will you give it a try?

If so, which theme is guiding you this year?

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