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The Box to Avoid

Welcome to the last of our 4-part series. We’ll discuss the box to avoid completely.

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Part 2:

Part 3:

Box 4 – Not Urgent & Not Important

The trivial and the wasteful provide no return on the investment of our time. Avoid these completely.

  • Too much TV or Netflix
  • Excessive computer games
  • Daily marathons on social media
  • Checking email or updates on my phone 100 times a day      [I’m familiar with that one…  🙁 ]
  • Talking about writing (or whatever we should be doing) instead of actually writing.

Relaxation is good. But too much time glued to a screen keeps us from Box 2 (Not Urgent & Important).

The world won’t end if we don’t reply to an email in two minutes. If a matter is so urgent that an immediate reply is necessary, the sender should text or call to follow up.

Two Biblical Examples

1. Psalm 119:37 says, Turn my eyes away from worthless things.

2. Mark 9 describes the time Jesus asked the Twelve, “What were you arguing about on the way?” Busted! They had been arguing about which of them was the best follower of Jesus.

The disciples felt it was urgent to establish their greatness in relation to the others. A huge time waster. To Jesus, importance comes from putting oneself last and serving everyone else.

Urgent and Important is always our top priority to manage.

In the time we have left each day (week), the wise choice is to limit our time in Urgent and Not Important and avoid Not Urgent and Not Important.

This will free up as much time as possible to focus on the box where you and I will make our most significant impact on the world long-term: Not Urgent and Important.

Thank you for joining me on “Living in the Right Boxes.” How has this series been helpful to you?

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