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The Box to Focus

Welcome to part two of our 4-part series. We’ll address which box to focus more time than we typically do.

If you missed Part 1 or want to refresh your memory, click on this link:

Box 2 – Not Urgent & Important

Opportunity meets planning as we decide the best way to focus on the big picture long-term.

  • The essay is due in a week.
  • The project is due in a month.
  • Exercise.
  • Relationships.
  • Self-care (play, fun, relaxation).

Two Biblical Examples

Noah building the ark Genesis 6

1. The earth had become corrupt, full of evil. God decided to reboot creation with a flood. A faithful remnant — Noah and his family — would build an ark and keep two of every kind of animal alive to repopulate the earth.

Imagine the ridicule the wicked neighbors heaped on Noah. He and his sons built this giant boat in the middle of dry land. Each day, they sawed and hammered under blue skies.

With no obvious sense of urgency like in Box 1, it must’ve been hard to focus on a long-term project when each day, short-term urgent tasks clamored for attention. Yet, when it began to rain 40 days and 40 nights, which of their prior activities proved to make the biggest difference to them and to the world?

Matthew 24:45-51 & Luke 12:42-46

2. Jesus told a parable about a servant left in charge while the master was away. When the master returns suddenly, a servant who has maintained focus will be rewarded, but a servant distracted by alcohol and power will be punished.

Here, alcohol and power symbolize all the different things (good and bad) that can distract us from long-term focus.


Not Urgent and Important. You and I spend too little time here … and too much time in the third box, which will be discussed next week: Urgent and Not Important.

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