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Todd Starnes and Our Favorite Animal

Last Tuesday night at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, faculty member Todd Starnes was on fire about his favorite animal.

And he is right. In more ways than one.

As his work at Fox News suggests, he’s on the right of the political spectrum. But at the end of his keynote address, Elizabeth Warren would’ve stood and cheered too.

Todd Starnes proclaimed a message of unity in the body of Christ.

He said:

  • As Christians, we don’t bow down to the Republican elephant.
  • As Christians, we don’t bow down to the Democratic donkey.
  • We bow down to worship the Lion of Judah.

Preach it, brother.

The Jesus Party

When Jesus returns at the Second Coming, there will be no more:

  • Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.
  • liberals, conservatives, or moderates.
  • blue states or red states.

At the heavenly banquet, only 1 party will exist — the Jesus party.

What a celebration we’ll have at the Jesus party!

Whatever political convictions we choose to hold, let’s remember Who deserves our ultimate allegiance. One day, our American executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government will disappear … along with Parliament, the Kremlin, and every other democracy or dictatorship.

One day, all other powers will bend the knee to the Lion of Judah in eternal submission.

Does our faith shape and undergird our political views?

Or are we more Republican / Democrat / Third party than we are Christian?

What would you add to this conversation?

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