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Kathryn’s Rose

She deserved a rose as much as any woman at church that day.

Kathryn was a retired schoolteacher. Some might call her an “old maid” because she never married. Never raised any children in her home.

Yet, each year for our VBS closing celebration, Kathryn was one of the first ones there. She said, “In baptism, the church promises to help raise those children in the faith. Therefore, those are my kids too, and I want to support them.”

No one would have blamed Kathryn for skipping the closing ceremony of VBS. But on a night when several children had no parents or grandparents show up, she was there.

Those were her kids too.

Grace Is for All

Kathryn also deserved a rose because God’s grace is available to all, not just to some.┬áChurch is the one place where everyone should feel included.

No woman should be excluded just because she didn’t marry, adopt, give birth, or serve as a foster parent.

Besides, in today’s world it’s too complicated to ask, “Who is the mother with the most children?”

Let’s see, WOMAN A birthed 5 children and feeds 5 mouths at home. WOMAN B is Carol Brady, who birthed 3 and is a stepmom to 3 for a total of 6 mouths to feed at home.

Then there’s Kathryn, who says, “Every child in this church is one of mine.”

Which of these ladies deserves the rose for having the most children? All of them!

If a church hands out roses to all the mothers, why not give one to every adult female?

In baptism, through Christ, we are all called to serve as mothers and fathers in the faith.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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