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Tying the Knot

They literally tied the knot.

Halfway through this popular month for brides and grooms to become one, I think of the last wedding ceremony I participated in. To symbolize the unity of their relationship, Josh and Catherine could’ve lit a unity candle or poured colored sand together. Instead, they tied a sailor’s knot.

When Love Is Strongest

After Josh and Catherine exchanged rings, their mothers brought up a strand of rope to represent each family. The happy couple tied the two ropes as I read the following:
  • A sailor’s knot is the strongest kind there is.
  • Its bond will not break, but becomes stronger under pressure.
  • The two cords represent that a husband and wife are two individuals.
  • But when two cords are joined in a knot, the union symbolizes that love is strongest when tied together.

Josh and Catherine tied the knot and pulled on their end to show it was secure. I placed my hand over it and asked God to bless their union.

And Jesus Makes Three

Marriages that last a lifetime need three cords. When Jesus is the unseen — but real — third cord, the marital bond has the best chance to survive. That’s why I love Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV):

Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
Two strands might be enough when:
  • marriage is for better, for richer, and in health.
  • basking in the sunlight on a mountaintop.
But three strands are vital when:
  • marriage is for worse, for poorer, and in sickness.
  • trudging through the darkness of a deep valley.
May all our bonds of love remain strong in Christ.
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