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Change: Life’s Only Constant

Are you ready for change? You may have heard that the only person who really likes change is a crying baby with a wet diaper.

Isaiah 6:1-8 describes three C’s God used to transform his life.

God will use these same C’s to make you and me more like Christ.

Picture the scene:

  • Smoke from coals burning on the altar.
  • Six-winged angels flying around God’s throne.
  • Praise louder than any ballgame or concert shaking the room.

1. God’s holiness CONVICTS us.

In God’s presence, Isaiah confessed he had unclean lips. He wasn’t living up to the standards God sets.

Isaiah didn’t minimize his guilt by saying, “But ___ [name of someone he thought was worse than him].” Nor did he suggest God should ignore his sin because his good deeds outweighed the bad.

He confessed his wrongdoing, which opened the door for God’s second C.

2. God’s holiness CLEANSES us.

Isaiah expressed remorse, so God sent an angel to touch his lips with a burning coal from the altar. This symbolized forgiveness.

While some struggle to admit guilt, others struggle to accept mercy. They’re like prisoners who remain inside their open cell after the warden says they’re free to go. They refuse to walk free because they can’t believe their debt has been paid in full.

God didn’t want Isaiah to wallow in regret. God forgave Isaiah so he’d be ready to say yes to what was in store next. This opened the door for God’s third C.

3. God’s holiness CALLS us.

God asked, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” Isaiah raised his hand and stepped forward. “Here am I. Send me!”

Then in verse 9, God began to instruct Isaiah on what to say as a prophet.

Transformation comes when God convicts, cleanses, and calls us.

What would you add to the conversation?

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