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A Time for Everything

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Recently a friend was featured in the newspaper for being the subject of an article in a national magazine. She writes a biweekly column in our daily paper. My friend’s column has now led to national exposure through that magazine.

I was happy for her. On Facebook I congratulated her, expressing gratitude that God’s favor is expanding her reach for the kingdom.

But I also had to ask God to help me lasso my feelings. I once read that it takes 10 years of dedication to become an overnight sensation. If that’s really true, I’m just now halfway through the valley of anonymity.

God’s response? While you and I wait for our time to come, we will benefit from avoiding three “comp”s.

1. COMP-arisons

Comparing ourselves to someone else whose time has arrived will only make us feel worse.

We might begin to doubt that God really has good plans and purposes in mind for us.

We might begin to doubt that God will ever be able to use us to do ABC or accomplish XYZ.

Also, comparing ourselves to others can open the door for a second COMP.

2. COMP-laints

Complaining is easy if you and I obsess over why our time hasn’t arrived yet.

When will it be my turn to be recognized (published, promoted, paid)?”

Even worse is to wonder, “WILL it ever be my turn? WILL my season ever come?”

In addition, complaining to God and to other opens the door for a third COMP.

3. COMP-romises

Compromising is a huge negative when we settle. How do we settle?

We settle for small when God wants to give us BIG.

We settle for mediocrity when God wants to give us EXCELLENCE.

We settle for pretty good when the Lord wants to give us VERY BEST.

A Matter of Time

God’s timing rarely matches ours. But the Lord’s timing is always perfect.

Therefore, may the Holy Spirit help us avoid COMParisons, COMPlaints, and COMPromises.

What would you add to this conversation?

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