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Journal Keeping

Journal keeping is a helpful spiritual practice. Do you keep one to mark your walk with Christ?

For 20 years I’ve recorded praises, complaints, requests, and answers. Looking back at previous entries not only points to where I’ve been, it sometimes shows me which path to take next.

Case in point: Thursday, September 28, 2017.

I asked the Lord how to prioritize my various writing projects for the day. A thought popped into mind, leading me to wonder if I should set aside my current project for a couple of days. If I tweaked another script and submitted it by September 30, I’d receive a professional critique at an upcoming conference.

Peace settled my spirit as God answered in three amazing ways:

1. Daily Scripture reading

I’m currently reading through the Psalms. The psalm for Sep. 28 contained a verse with flashing lights and bells like a railroad crossing.

God never gives us stale bread when we feed on Scripture. Therefore, this verse was enough to resolve my dilemma. However, unlike manna in the desert, past bread from the Lord never becomes inedible.

2. Re-reading what I wrote 1 year ago

I started this practice this year on Jan. 1. I don’t write something every day. If I made an entry one year ago, I read it again to compare my life then to now.

On 09/28/16, I journaled: (Nehemiah 6:1-4) Four times Nehemiah’s enemies sent a message inviting him to come meet with them. Each time he said, “I’m carrying on a great project. I can’t stop this important work to go down.” Nehemiah refused to be distracted by matters that would divert precious time and energy from rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

3. Re-reading what I wrote 1 month ago

This practice also began on New Year’s Day. Often I’m amazed at how God has worked things out during the past month.

On 08/28/17 I wrote: “A person’s steps are made secure by the Lord when they delight in his way. Though they trip up, they won’t be thrown down, because the Lord holds their hand.” (Psalm 37:23-24, CEB)

The message was clear. The enemy tried to trip me up. Satan tried to distract me from my main priority. But God kept me from falling so I could press on with my biggest priority.

A Journal Reminder

God may not always use the particular truth we received one year and/or one month ago to shine direct light on today’s path. But if we keep a journal, sometimes the Lord might do this to confirm the truth we’ve received through that day’s prayer and Bible reading.

Has God ever used journal keeping to bless you with a pleasant surprise? If so, please share your story in the comment section. Thanks!

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