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The First Question We Tend to Ask

There’s a question I’m sure has been asked numerous times since Hurricane Harvey touched Texas: Why?

Why did this storm flood our nation’s fourth largest city? And why did it hit those other towns besides Houston?

Evacuating several million people in a short period would’ve just turned the interstates into a parking lot, so they sheltered in place. Why did Harvey have to pick that particular area to dump 50-ish inches of rain?

On this side of heaven, we may never know why.

New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

A Question That Has A Good Answer

My book Choose says, “We may ask why, but our Creator isn’t obligated to answer our questions. God is sovereign” (p. 80).

When we can’t answer why, it’s better to focus on Who.

Who alone:

  • conquered sin and death by rising from the dead?
  • can give us the strength we need to take our next step?
  • cares for us with a complete and unconditional love?
  • has the ability and the desire to make everything right in the end? (p. 81)

Faith assures us Who will:

  • comfort those who lost loved ones or have friends still missing.
  • sustain those who lost practically everything but the clothes on their back.
  • inspire those needed to rescue the stranded and care for the sheltered.

As we offer prayers and donations for those touched by Harvey, we know Who will help them go on.

What would you add to this conversation?

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