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Love 101

Hello class, welcome to Love 101!

Today’s lesson will be a review of the basics. But let’s not equate the word “basic” with the words “trivial, unimportant, no big deal.”

The Bible promises in John 3:16 that God so loved the world, our heavenly Father gave us Jesus. The world includes you and me. Thus, “God so loved the world” means that “God so loved your name.”

Basically, John 3:16 is the Lord’s way of saying to us, “I love you.”

Let’s break this down.

Little Words, Big Meanings

“I love you.”

  1. I — the Creator of the universe, Lord of heaven and earth … the One perfect and eternal, steadfastly faithful and true … who will never lie or break a promise or leave you hanging … God says, “I.”

2. Love — God doesn’t just tolerate you, put up with you, merely let you exist another 24 hours without being zapped by lighting. God adores you.

  • Your drawing is on God’s refrigerator.
  • Your picture is in God’s wallet — at the front.
  • You are listed first under favorites in God’s cell phone.
  • God would take a bullet (or a crown of thorns and the nails of crucifixion) for you.

See the picture?

Also, love means present tense. Now. Today. Not, “I loved you once, but then you went and did that thing.” Not, “If you will be good enough, I might love you.” God loves you this moment. Rinse and repeat forever.

3. You — The one who stares back at you in the mirror. God is speaking directly to you.

This promise is not just for somebody else, such as:

  • super saints
  • good people (good compared to what — you? or Jesus?)
  • those who know the Bible better or pray longer or give more than you.

Look around, if you must. But God isn’t talking about the guy behind you or the girl beside you. God’s eyes are locked on yours.

Ready for the test? It’s called life. The good news is, it’s open Book.

Class dismissed!

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