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David BrannockStories Only We Can Tell

God hardwired our brains for stories. Most of us enjoy — and remember — Jesus’ parables far more than Paul’s letters.

I write film scripts (and occasionally plays) in the drama genre. The stories I write for the screen and stage seek to honor God and entertain a general audience.

Our broken world tries to satisfy its hunger for God in many ways, including movies we’d be embarrassed to watch in front of Jesus. I want to feed the world interesting stories undergirded with biblical truth.

Scripture doesn’t shy away from the raw and messy. The Bible is full of stories about real people facing real problems. That’s why my first project is about a character with a past who must deal with human trafficking in order to save himself.

Yet in the midst of great brokenness, the hope of redemption always awaits.

You and I need redemption in today’s world of rampant double standards. Jesus aimed some of his harshest criticism at hypocrites.

  • Right is still right, even if our worst enemy does it.
  • Wrong is still wrong, even if our best friend does it.
  • If we condemn a behavior just because we dislike the person, what right do we have to approve if someone we like does something similar?
  • If we condone a behavior just because we like the person, what right do we have to complain if someone we don’t like does something similar?

Screenwriters can’t control what happens after they sell their work. If a particular story is made into a film, the producer might have my script rewritten by someone else to add in profanity and/or onscreen nudity. But I have promised the Lord I will write clean on my end.

I was blessed to receive 1st place for Film Scripts at the 2018 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. With me are the Co-directors, DiAnn Mills (left) and Edie Melson (right). Photograph by Mary Denman.

Since 2013 I have been a member of Word Weavers International. In August 2018 I joined a new online group of screenwriters and playwrights. We create faith-based art for the screen and stage.

In June 2018 I began serving as a Mentor with Word Weavers. I act as a resource and guide for five chapters that meet in person. Those fiction and nonfiction writers encourage one another as they weave words for the glory of God.

Choose - David Brannock book cover

Are you fulfilling your created purpose?

Prior to turning my creative attention to the big screen, I left pastoral ministry to follow God’s call to write a book for high school graduates. Choose: Fulfill Your Created Purpose shares the advice I wish I’d had during my transition to adulthood.

In fact, middle-aged and senior citizen readers tell me this book is helpful in their seasons of life!

(Click on the cover image for more details and some reviews. Click on the title highlighted in blue to order from Amazon.)

I live in East Tennessee with my wife, Mary Ethel, and our daughter, Molly Kate.

5 odd facts about me:

  1. Mary Ethel and I became engaged on our fourth date, two and a half months after we met. In May 2018 we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.
  2. I predicted our baby would be a girl and arrive on her due date at 2 p.m. Labor pains set in on the due date; Molly Kate was born at 3:37 p.m.
  3. At age 6, I received Green Bay Packers pajamas for Christmas. Coincidentally, today I own a foam Cheesehead, a Vince Lombardi lunchbox, and one share of stock in the team.
  4. In 1989, John Cougar Mellencamp’s grandmother wrote me a letter thanking my friend and me for stopping by while on a visit to Indiana.
  5. The chief reason why 19 is my favorite number is that at age 19, I renewed my faith and chose to follow Jesus.

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