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David BrannockChoose: Fulfill Your Created Purpose

I wrote the book I wish I had read when I finished high school.

My college experience began 200 miles from home with no car or old friends on campus as a tether to my roots. Free at last, my faith floundered, especially the first two years. During that time, I never attended a campus ministry event, and I chose to worship God a grand total of once.

Academic advisors guided me with course selections and career advice. They were helpful, but I also needed the counsel I give in Choose. God can weave our unique talents with our individual interests to provide a clear sense of purpose regarding the path ahead.

What people are saying about Choose

Choose - David Brannock book coverThis would be a wonderful book for parents and their graduates to read together. It offers pertinent topics to discuss — however those conversations arise. Sharing personal experiences and stories is an excellent way to prepare everyone, drawing the family closer, before a graduate departs.”

[David] is insightful and motivating without becoming preachy. Covering practical advice on careers and relationships, Brannock encourages and challenges young people to make wise choices. Moving beyond practical matters, the book also does a good job of discussing core beliefs that shape faith and behavior. I wish I had received a book like this when I graduated from high school.”

“Finding purpose and direction may not rank up there with college choices, prom dates, and summer jobs in the minds of many graduates, but David understands that what they decide about Jesus truly is the most important choice they’ll every make.

“A must read for high school graduates, young adults, and parents and grandparents of young people looking for guidance in life… Very practical guidance based on practical experience.

Lighthearted and insightful on guiding you as you transition from high-school to college, is Choose, a book written for graduates by an author who wishes that he would’ve had this book during his transition.

It’s a short book but it somehow covers everything you may have questions about, from how to handle relationships and friendships, to troublesome roommates, to choosing your career, to even maintaining self-esteem in a world that seems to only want to tear you down. It also has some wonderful one-liners that you might scribble down on your mirror!

The author has a sense of humor but is also very real and vulnerable to his audience, making it that much easier to engage with. Plus, he’s not long-winded nor does he repeat his advice constantly as so many other nonfiction writers do.

So, I can honestly give Choose; Fulfill Your Created Purpose 5 out of 5 stars and do recommend it for graduates, especially those of you who aren’t overly fond of reading but still looking for some helpful advice.

Rayleigh Gray

Hartline Literary Agency

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